NEED – #31days2019

I don’t need to keep quiet about anything, do I, Lord?

Over and over, Your Word reassures me that You know what I need, even before I express it.

Because Your Love always accounts for what I need in the plans You have for me, doesn’t it, God?

The needs that sometimes linger deep inside, often so deep I don’t even know I need them.

But You know, and You know what I need.

And it isn’t always what I think I need, I must confess, as I flirt with wants and grapple with self.

What I have come to terms with?

You are the number one need I have in my life.

And if I regularly meet that need as we meet together?

My needs will submit to Your needs, and more of me will become more like You as I do.

#freeverse #fiveminutefriday #31days2019

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