DIFFERENT – #31days2019


I used to worry about what you thought of me.

As a hardwired sensitive creative, my imagination used to be preoccupied thinking about what you might be thinking about me.

And by you, I don’t mean God.

I mean each of you out there. People I walk by, served coffee, booked appointments for, worked alongside, said hi to at church, sang with.

Whether I knew you or not, I was too concerned with what people might say or think if I was myself.

  • The one that occasionally likes to wear heels, but prefers her Converse.
  • The one who loves to study the Bible, write whenever she can, and read tons.
  • The one who doesn’t like horror movies, but loves to figure out whodunit and cry/laugh at Hallmark movies.
  • The one who prefers to wear jeans, navy and grey over black.
  • The one who loves silver and sapphires over gold and diamonds.
  • The one who would rather eat leftovers than eat out, and not just due to my allergies.
  • The one who rarely drinks alcohol, has never smoked anything other than bbq, and doesn’t gamble.
  • The one who is proud and protective of her family, faithful to her friends, and adores her fur babies.

But mostly, I was afraid to share my giftings.

Music, prophetic, & freedom ministering. Writing poetry and prose. Mentoring.

Because how those gifts are expressed through me is not how they will be expressed through anyone else.

For each of us is different. All made in His image, but each uniquely designed to differently meet the needs of the world around us. 1 Corinthians 12 calms my worries as it reminds me that I am a part of His Body, designed to do my part.

I have been called to join God in meeting the needs around me, in the way He has made me to do so.

Even if what I do looks different to you, or what you do looks different to me.

May we celebrate our differences instead of comparing ourselves, as we make a difference in this world.

#freewrite #fiveminutefriday #31days2019

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