WAIT – #31days2019

How long?
How long do I have to wait, God?

To be honest, it’s hard watching others get quick responses to their prayers, and to wait yet again another day, week, month for a reply to my prayer.

Did I do something wrong, and that’s why I have to wait?

Did I not do something I should have done?

Is there a lesson I need to learn in this wait before You will answer?

Or am I waiting simply because it isn’t yet time for You to reveal Your answer?

I can’t be alone in how I feel about waiting, God.  For we have become a people who impulsively want everything yesterday if not immediately. Why wait when you can have it now?

God, I don’t want anything that isn’t in Your best plan for me. I don’t want to settle for ‘less than’ in my life.

So I submit to Your timing. To accepting Your answer.
Knowing You are for me, with me, in my corner cheering me on and equipping me with all I need as I wait.

#freewrite #fiveminutefriday #31days2019 #hopefortheharddays

waiting here for You

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