TEST – #31days2019

“Examine me, God, from head to foot, order your battery of tests. Make sure I’m fit inside and out so I never lose sight of Your love, but keep in step with You, never missing a beat.” Psalm 26:2-3 MSG

The testing process is an unnatural one. It either puts you on the spot by assessing how much you know about a subject, or examines you to find out what is wrong.

We can never have a better examiner than the One who created us.

And it is simultaneously calming and terrifying when we ask Him to reveal where we need to work on within.

Sometimes the answer is surprising, but I find it a relief when God points out what I need to work on, for I often try to hide what I don’t want to change.

Maybe you too can relate.

But on the other side of the test is also the Answer.

He shaped us, and yet willingly remakes us over and over again as we invite Him to do so.

Testing causes many people anxiety as they wait for the answer. Not knowing what’s coming can stress out our systems, which were not designed to hold so much emotional weight at one time.

Friend, if you find yourself in a test season? Press in to His embrace.

He’s got you. He will never leave you alone. He will faithfully stay with you, and help rebuild, restore and give you rest as you wait on Him to help you stay the course.

May we never lose sight that our walk with Him is a precious gift. And although self examination testing is a required part of the journey, it is only one part.

Walking with Him? Priceless.


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