MEMORY – #31days2019


The first time I heard the song ‘Memory’ from the musical Cats, the hair stood up on the back of my teenaged neck.

Performing it as a duo in high school is a memory I treasure, as one rarely gets to sing a song that stirs you so within.

There are many moments in my life which are closely intertwined with music, and where hearing just a few bars of the song is enough to cause memories to come flooding back to me.

And when a not so good memory pops into my mind at an inopportune moment, I have learned to bring it to You and ask You to show the Truth found in that memory.

For You were there.
In each and every memory, good and bad, happy and sad.
I have no doubt in that Truth, after all the times You have shown it to be true to me.

I look forward to making more memories with You, God!

#fiveminutefriday #31days2019

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