ENJOY – #31days2019

Last year on this day, I made an unwise choice at work and ate a mini chocolate bar without reading the label.

My throat almost completely closed over.  I am thankful for such a strong sense of His presence with me, my homeo remedy, Benadryl and very caring, attentive coworkers.

God got me through mentally, medication physically, and my coworkers emotionally. I actually had no fear despite the situation.

One of the things I used to enjoy and look forward to each fall are the mini chocolate bars. Especially on sale after Oct 31st.

God has been refocusing me towards making healthier choices for every area of my life. Not out of fear, but instead choosing to rely on His guidance and wisdom.

So I am focusing on what I have that I can enjoy (great fam & friends, work I love, fur babies, tunes, the Word…) and not on what I am leaving behind (bye bye mini bars!)

What are you too letting fall by the wayside this autumn that you used to enjoy?

#31days2019 #fiveminutefriday #hopefortheharddays


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