In all the ways that I support small businesses, there is one thing that I continuously remind the owners and my coworkers.

Your staff should not be just putting in their hours until your business closes Friday night.


If one of your team is better at scheduling, or writing, or customer service, or numbers, etc. Whatever it is? Shuffle the job duties accordingly, and if you need to, hire new staff with the right skill set to fill the spots now needed. It may take you some time to do this, but it will be so worth it in the long run.

What happens when you put your aces in places? The atmosphere begins to shift at work. People enjoy coming in to do the job that they are not only good at, but that they will come to love. The stress level naturally goes down for the person who had been struggling to get something they didn’t want to do each day/week.

Your business will bloom because of it.

And knowing your staff will come back energized and ready to get back to it on Monday morning? That is the best Friday feeling!

#shoplocal #smallbizsupport #hopefortheharddays

(As I not only write, but offer custom admin support for small businesses, I will be posting semi-regularly to reflect that aspect of my life. I hope my practical tips will be of blessing to you.)

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