It is time to come out of hiding, friend.
Our past hurts can lock us into a negative cycle of pain, loneliness and brokenness that we are unable to break free from on our own.
I know, because I was once there too. Stuck and hopeless.
Your freedom matters to God, friend. He came so you could live, but just survive your life.
Reach out to Him. Ask Him to show you the way back Home, to freedom, to restoration, to peace.
Find a church that not only believes these truths, but helps you out them into practice. Book a vacation retreat at a conference which offers such ministry.
Cleansing Stream, Sozo, Catch the Fire, Bethel are just a few streams of His freedom that I know of where they create an environment for you to meet God, and be set free.
It’s time to wrap ourselves in His Presence instead of our past, and embrace a new future.
It’s is an honor to be a conduit for God to do so through me. To be witness to His glory and love shining through people who have never before experienced Him so intensely. To see the weighed down stand tall and confident. To watch the wounded and broken be comforted and restored. To see our holes made whole by God.
To be one who experienced and still experiences all of that because of God’s immense and continuous love for me!
Happy #Caturday, indeed!

#freedomiscalling #hopefortheharddays

Lady Jane helping with groceries

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