🎙”You’re the Hope that moves me to courage again. You’re the Love that rescues me when the cold winds rage. And it’s so amazing coz that’s just how You are. I can’t turn back now coz You’ve brought me too far…I need You like water, like breath, like rain. I need You like mercy from Heaven’s gate. There’s a freedom in Your arms that carries me through, I need You.”🎙- Leann Rimes

I first heard this song 17 years ago, and it still stirs me to my very core.

His love has not just rescued me from the depths of despair and shame of my past – it has embraced me, empowered me, encouraged me, embolded me and even enabled me to keep moving forward.

And the most wonderous amazing thing – that’s just how You are!

May Your Love keep revealing itself to those who continue to seek You with all they’ve got, and may You continue to surround us with Your Presence, feed our very souls with Your warmth and speak to us through Your Word.

#focusedonLove #hopefortheharddays

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