Many days, I feel overlooked. invisible. easily replaceable.
Like no one would notice if I didn’t show up to work, the PTA, or church. If I stopped shopping at my usually grocery store or coffee shop.

Some days, we can feel unseen, can’t we, friend?

I sooo relate to Violet, the daughter in the Incredibles movie, for I get feeling invisible.

But the truth is? I AM seen.

God sees me at all times, every where I am present. In my bed while I am sleeping, on the shower when I am singing, on the sofa when I am laughing, in my room when I am crying, and all the millions of places and head spaces inbetween.

Not only is there nowhere I can go where He is not with me, He sees everything happening within, about and to me. Not just in a Santa Claus way, but He intimately knows how I am feeling…because He is that observant, and shows that level of care to each one He loves.

Psalm 33:3, 2 Chronicles 16:9, & 1 Samuel 16:7 reassure us that You see us, inside and out, God.

On the really hard days, would You help me recall those Words when I need them most, with Holy Spirit as my promptor? Would You fill my mind with the kind of peace that can only come by knowing You never take Your eyes off of me, not even for a second, for each and every day of my life? But more than those prayers, God, would Your love heal up and flush out any lies which are hindering me from accepting this truth as 100% True?

#heartcry #alwaysseen #hopefortheharddays

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