One of the best things which has ever happened to me happened to occur when I was at my lowest, and didn’t know how we were going to eat for the upcoming week. It was around Christmas, with two young kids sick with chicken pox, and their cousins also  sick with the same. So no family celebrating seemed to be on the horizon. we had also just switched churches, and had bid our small group farewell about a month earlier.

I remember coming to the end of myself, and giving the situation to God. I couldn’t see how we would have anything to celebrate, let alone eat, that Christmas. I remember all I could do was hope God would move, but I couldn’t fathom or see how.

A day later, a knock came to our front door, and we were given a box filled with not only a week’s worth of groceries, but a turkey with all the trimmings to cook for Christmas dinner. From two couples that has just joined that small group on the same night we left, and who followed His promptings to bless us, even though they didn’t know us!

I have never, ever forgotten how God used these two couples to bless our family, nor have I forgotten how it felt to be facing hunger and lack. Even more amazing to me, was their obedience to do as He lead.

This Christmas, take a moment to thank Him for all the ways He has miraculously provided for you. It may be financial, a healing, a new job, a restored relationship, a new freedom within.

Then friend? In the way He blessed you, pay it forward and bless someone who needs that this Christmas. Ask Him to show you who you are meant to pay it forward to this season.

Jesus came to be the gift we all needed at the exact right moment to have the most impact on history.

We too have the opportunity to be a gift to those He wants to use us to bless.

Receive the gift.
Accept the Gift.
Pass on the Gift.
Be the gift.


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