It takes a loss, or experiencing hardship, cruelty or pain to be able to appreciate kindness.

A smile brightening a moment.

A hand supporting you.

A hot drink warming your heart.

A bottle of water soothing as it hits the spot of need.

A shoulder to lean into and help keep you up when your knees feel like buckling from the weight of it all.

A word of encouragement that you can go on. You are not alone. You are loved. How you feel matters.

Whether you have lost a loved one, your job, your home or your reputation, loss hurts.

And there always seems to be someone willing to put their elbow on that knot of pain, knowingly or unknowingly adding more pressure to just the right spot.

There is Someone who will always offer kindness and love in that moment.

But here’s the thing. When all you can see is your situation, when all you can feel is your own pain, it takes something of a jolt to get through, doesn’t it?

Kindness is the very jolt God intends for us to restart hope in hurting hearts.

All it takes is our willingness to offer kindness as He leads.

And to receive it as the wonder that it really is when we are on the receiving end.

Kindness changes hearts, breaks down barriers and draws the wounded and broken Home.

Be kind. It truly does matter.

And shows a hurting heart a glimpse of the Kindest One there is, as He offers comfort through our obedience.

#lostinwonder #kindnessatwork #hopefortheharddays

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