One of the things which has astounded me for years is how detailed God is when trying to connect with His people.

I have often wondered if part of why God sent an angel to speak good news, is because people were afraid to hear from Him directly, or He wanted to emphasize that amazing news is up ahead.
Notice how the angel always starts with “Do not be afraid.”

As an older person, such as Abraham, Sarah, Zachariah and Elizabeth, being informed that I was about to have a baby? I would be suddenly struck with fear as well as wonder.  Having an angel deliver the good news? I would definitely be quaking in my boots, but more likely sandals in Israel 🙂

That God would take the time to reassure the person He is giving good news to that they need not fear what is up ahead, nor His plans for my good?  His heart for me, His love, shines through all the greater in His message.

Friend, this Christmas? Take a closer look at the words the angels spoke, and ask God which your heart is in need of the most this season.  Invite Him to open your eyes and ears to the wonders He has for you as you continue to seek Him first, and celebrate the Good News anew this Christmas.

#lostinwonder #hopefortheharddays

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