When I ponder the Christmas story in the beginning of Matthew & Luke, I am struck by the thought that there was an awful lot of daily living not written down in both those accounts.

⭐the tears Mary, her parents, and possibly Joseph may have shed over the way their neighbors were talking about them, even snubbing them, once Mary began to show.
⭐how lonely Mary and Joseph must have felt in their journey from the start of their pregnancy. Two in love, chosen to parent their Savior – not what most engaged to be married couples think might happen to them!
⭐how uncomfortable Mary must have been as she & Joseph headed for the census taking in Bethlehem during her last week’s of pregnancy.
⭐as provider for his wife, how Joseph must have felt in not being able to find better accommodations for his wife than a stable.
⭐giving birth in a stable, with only your husband and a few animals near by. Not any woman’s dream birth story!
⭐realizing that you have birth to the Savior of the World, who came to earth as a baby – not the type of King Israel had been expecting
⭐having a motley crew of unusual visitors – shepherds with stories of angels, foreign wise men following a star and dreams, and let’s not forget the animals in the stable – come to worship your newborn.

Friend, take some time to wonder at the whole story.  Jesus came to enter the day to day of life here on earth because it matters to Him. All our tears, fears, losses and gains. Dreams, hopes, drama and pain.

This Christmas, join me in wondering at our God for all the ways He planned to connect with us through sending Jesus, God with us, Immanuel, to us all.


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