“God puts poor people on their feet again; He rekindles burned-out lives with fresh HOPE, restored dignity and respect to their lives – a place in the sun!”

(1 Samuel 2:7 MSG)

This verse offers us all a fresh glimpse of hope, friend.

When we feel poor and burned out, God is more than able to meet us in those needs – and offers us their opposites

When I feel poor, I feel less than, and overlooked. God restores my dignity and respect, reminding me that I matter significantly to Him. When I feel burned out and drained, He gives me fresh hope- the hope i need for the very moment I am experiencing and brings my emotions back into sunshine again. Just like Vitamin D, God can boost our mood into a hopeful mindset when we look to Him as our hope

#66versesofHope #day2 #hopefortheharddays

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