“While I wait for God as long as He remains in hiding, while I wait and hope for Him, I stand my ground and hope…” (Isaiah 8:17 MSG)

One small verse, in the middle of a passage about gathering & preserving the testimony of God’s people in a season of waiting. One verse which gives me renewed hope.

If you too are in a season of waiting for God to move, to answer your prayer, it can feel like He is hiding His face, can’t it, friend? And the fact that this verse is in the Bible reassures me that we are not alone in thinking this way. When even a prophet God used mightily uses the same wording which you and I may be leaving unspoken!

Friend, keep waiting with hope. We know the One we are placing our hope in, and He is always good, true and faithful. He can’t help it, for those are intricate parts of His very nature! And who He is is eternal, and will never cease or end. So we can wait confidently for Him to reply, even when we aren’t seeing Him move or hearing His direction in this moment.

I too choose to gather my testimony, and remember all the ways God has answered me and moved in the past, and stand with Hope in renewed hope that He will do so, again and again.

#66versesofHope #hopefortheharddays

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