“Help me, Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

This line resonated with the audience when they first heard it on the big screen with the first Star Wars movie, and continues to do so.

And it has resonated within me ever since, with a twist.

You see, this line is actually in the Message translation of the Word. In fact, today’s hope verse!

And this request for help continues to be spoken and unspoken by millions, believers or not, across the globe at any given time.

Because we all know we need help from time to time, from someone other than ourselves.

And unlike Star Wars, your prayer actually makes it to the Maker of the Universe, our Living Hope. The One whose history shows how much He values each of us, and out of His great loves always comes to our rescue.

“God, treat us kindly. You’re our only HOPE. First thing in the morning, be there for us!
When things go bad, help us out!” (Isaiah 33:2 MSG)

#66versesofHope #hopefortheharddays

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