Becoming me

I have given up trying to be who others expect me to be. I am embracing becoming the me I was meant to be.  Not referring to work expectations or performance, but living true to who I am supposed to be. One of a kind, loved, free, known, chosen, His delight. ME.

And the more I become me, the more I want you to become who you are meant to be too.

Until we both fully arrive, let’s have extra grace for the journey on the bumpier days, shall we?

Today I have awoken with a flare of my osteoarthritis, and am heading back to bed to sleep a bit longer. So my next post in the #66versesofHope will come later today, after I worship, soak in the Word and rest in His Presence.

#youbeyou #illdome #hopefortheharddays

Unknown photo credit. Thankful for its message!

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