I have always been struck with how relatable the Easter account is on so many levels.


🌿When Jesus and His disciples went to the Garden to pray, the disciples had a hard time staying awake.
🌿Jesus asked to have the task ahead of Him taken away, just like all of us do at times.
🌿Out of fear, most disciples scattered when Judas signaled who Jesus was with his kiss of betrayal.
🌿Peter first tried to defend Jesus with a sword, then cut him deeply by denying Him three times.
🌿Jesus was celebrated by the crowd one week, who then turned on Him the next.
🌿His mother’s heart shattered at seeing her son publicly mocked, beaten then painfully crucified, hanging so cruelly on the cross.
🌿Jesus dying.


🌿His disciples hiding away, reeling with grief, lamenting the loss of their teacher and friend. When the shock from the previous day starts to ebb and reality sets in.

🌿Don’t run away from your feelings. Admit them, feel them. But don’t sit with them 24/7 and let them dictate your future either.

🌿In all these heavy feels, friend? God was at work, even though the disciples, and we, can’t see it at the time.

And maybe they, and we, are able to experience greater joy on the other side of our losses and grief when we find He meets us right where we are, in the middle of our deepest, painful, anxious, fearful, grief wrapped feelings.

#holdon #goodnewsupahead #Resurrectioniscoming #hopefortheharddays

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