🕊️This season is one which doesn’t have many highs right now for many of us, me included. Although I love my family, and am regularly staying in touch with my friends, church, coworkers and small group… I feel my joy and hope leaking out sooner than later these days.

🕊️Which is why He softly reminds me each day to come and be filled afresh. Just like He did when Israel was in desert.

🕊️Like manna, day old bread loses its freshness. And like quail, unrefrigerated meat begins to give off an unpleasant aroma.

🕊️There is a reason God recommended eating what He daily provided when the heat was high in the desert, and for us in this season of high alert. It is best for us.

🕊️For people tend to have a short retention span, and need daily reminding that our God is providing for us. That our needs matter to Him. That our voice is a welcome sound in His ear. That we are ready to be filled for His kingdom, the purpose for which we were made His, once again.

🕊️So Spirit, fall afresh all over us this morning. Cleanse these vessels so they can better hold Your Presence. Help us pass on Your love to those who need it most in our paths today.

🕊️FALL AFRESH – Bethel Music & Jeremy Riddle version

“Awaken my soul, come awake to hunger, to seek, to thirst. Awaken first love, come awake and do as you did, at first.

Spirit of the living God, come fall afresh on me, come wake me from my sleep. Blow through the caverns of my soul, pour in me to overflow.

Come and fill this place. Let Your glory now invade. Spirit come and fill this place. Let your glory now invade.”

Watch it here: https://youtu.be/8VdXLM8H-xU

#worshipHymn #singanewpsalm

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