🍃Lord, these are very scary times right now, as the world is being held hostage in their homes and fighting Covid-19. This situation has made the world become aware that we are not as in control of our lives as we thought we were.

🍃And how much we need You.

🍃So blow Your strength into these weary bones, God. Fill my vision with Your caring face. Release Your peace in my mind as only You can do.  Take my fears, and trade Your truth. Exchange my natural tendency to survive for Your God given gift to thrive. Remind my heart that I am deeply loved as often as I need it. Reassure me that I am always seen, always cared for, always heard, and that You are always present, always holding, always guiding, always comforting, always in control.

🍃Have Your way in and with me, God. Each and every day. Even when the days are great, even when they are full and grey.

🍃Have Your way.

#friday #focus #honest #prayer #hopefortheharddays

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