Jesus, I feel out of sorts. The way things used to be is now gone like the wind, and I am struggling more than I like to admit to find a new rhythm to my days.
And like a child, I need You to remind me again who I really am.
🍎Apple of Your eye.
♥️Your beloved.
👶Your child.
➡️Your chosen one.
🤗Your delight.
💸Your investment.
😆Your joy.
🎨Your masterpiece.
🕊️Made new by Holy Spirit.
✝️Restored by Jesus.
💝Your treasure.
👐Welcomed by Abba Father.
May I never stop remembering, even on these unusually hard days in isolation, that You are more than enough for every need I face, even today’s request to hear Your voice reassure Your child of who I truly am. You never stop loving, guiding, or holding me, ever!

#friday #freeverse #feelingmyfeels #hopefortheharddays

2 thoughts on “🔌REMIND ME WHO I AM🔌”

  1. Morning, Karla,

    A friend has booked a Zoom meeting for me ‘cause she is able to have a longer meeting.However, she sent the details via Message. How do I cut and paste the info into an Email invite? Or, can I send the meeting details without the link?



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