🌱God, even when I don’t see it, feel it or sense it, You are at work. All the time. Your love is constant, Your kindness mind blowing, Your grace miraculous. You continue to make a way through the sands, seas and storms for Your people. You keep on loving us, even when we act undeserving or feel quite unlovable. You are the Way through every season, eminent stress, each situation.
🌱Today, You reminded me that because of Your love, and how You serve every individual, I can do the same. I can share that the Way Maker is miraculously clearing the path ahead, lighting the darkness for us to be able to move forward, instead of staying frozen by fear.
🌱Friend, let’s take positive action and share the good news to all who need it.
🌱In His strength, we can out love, out serve, out hope as we extend kindness. And right now, that’s what I want to be delivering into these uncertain days – His love, how He serves, His kindness and the Hope we have in Him.
🌱(Thanks to Scotty Smith for coining the three ‘outs.’ Thank You God for the imagination to see them as new life to deliver!)
#friday #freetobeme #hopefortheharddays

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