🌺To all the ones who have raised their children.
🌺To the ones who have not yet been blessed with children.
🌺To the ones who have lost their children, whether through distance or death.
🌺To the ones who are raising their children right now.
🌺To the ones who are.sleep deprived, or worn out.
🌺To the ones on their own.
🌺To the ones raising chosen children they call their own.
🌺To the ones who step up to help others along the way.
🌺To the ones grieving the loss of no longer carrying a child within.
🌺To the ones who are infertile, and grieving the loss of their dream.
🌺To the ones who miss their own mothers every day.

🌺He sees you.
🌺He hears you.
🌺He knows you.
🌺He equips you.
🌺He loves you.

Even if you aren’t honored the way you should be, could be or hoped to be today?

🌺He blesses the work of your hands in all you do for your children.
🌺He blesses the woman within as you seek to raise them right.
🌺He blesses the prayers you lift on their behalf, each day and every night.

Always remember that motherhood is a reflection of His love for His children, and He loves to help us love one another more like He does.

🌺Whole heartedly.

And as always, friend, He is only a prayer away.

#mothersday #sharingHope

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