“Do yourself a massive favor and let God love the hell out of you. Then love yourself as much as He does. It will change your life forever.”

– Kris Vallotton

I can so relate to what Kris shared on his blog: http://krisvallotton.com/what-is-your-love-lid/

Because I too try to lessen my value to a dollar figure, instead of accepting the gift of eternal value I have by being His Beloved. And most days I don’t walk out my true value, as I am too busy playing into the enemy’s scheme to keep me focused on what I lack instead of what I have in Him.

In God? I am…

*signed, sealed, & delivered into freedom
*paid for in full
*His Beloved
*the apple of His eye
*His delight
*His Bride

I need to remind myself of my true value too, more often than I can to admit. I often need to ask God to love up on me, to so overpower me with His love that the hell is literally shoved out when it encounters His love. And let’s face it, hate doesn’t like to leave anywhere it has burrowed into, does it?

Yes, I said hate. Because hell is really about those who hate His creation, and the Creator.

Hell? It’s filled with fallen angels, serving their false god. And one day it will be filled with souls that failed to bend the knee before God. Who refused to accept the Only One who could keep them from their final destination, forever apart from Him.

Love can make all the difference. And it starts with accepting that we are valuable enough to be loved.

I am not the same mess within as I was when God first met me. His love literally scared the hell right out of me! I am now on the pathway to meet God face to face, and live in the comfort of His embrace for all eternity.

On the days when I am stressed, sick or discouraged, I need this reminder: His love has changed me forever, and I now have a purpose, plan & a future in His hands.

Beloved, may you too allow Him to soak you in the waves of His love, until all you see is His face beaming at you!


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