keep limping along

Some days can be filled with discomfort or pain.

Today may be both National Go Barefoot & Nail Polish Days, but my feet are a mess.

Several blisters over sunburn on the tops of both feet have taken 4 days to see less swelling and experience less pain.

Some roads we walk are not comfortable, are they?

Hearing how friends who moved have had all their belongings stolen while they were in transit, local businesses still not able to open due to Covid-19, loved ones dying or seriously ill, and racial tensions escalating due to another avoidable and oh so lamentably wrong death which demands justice and equality…. These are just a few many of us are grappling with.

I turn to the Psalms and Gospels when I hear of news like these.

For God is not far off and sitting indifferent to our pain and suffering, friend. Jesus welcomed those who were treated differently due to their sex, their beliefs, their race, their illnesses, their jobs, even their offenses. He walked among them then, ministered to each, and He is willing to move within, restore and walking with each of us in this now.

This morning as I was pondering these things in prayer, these potted plants outside my local coffee shop caught my eye, and reminded me of this important truth…

There is new growth coming out of this season, friend. Especially for those who are listening for His voice and following His lead, no matter how we might be physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually limping along.

#Mayday #Monday #hopefortheharddays

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