“Let God have your failures. Surrender to Him your most dreadful moments of captivity, your most humiliating defeats. God and God alone can use them to make you twice the warrior you ever dreamed you’d be.”

Beth Moore

I don’t often wallow in my failures, but over this past week I was feeling particularly low and didn’t capture my thoughts as quickly as I usually do.

Then ‘bam!’ The enemy got in a good sucker punch before I knew to close that open door once and for all.

Now feeling even lower than before, I was embarrassed as I approached Him with this new yet old assault to heal me once again, after I spent some time sulking, “licking” my wounds and wondering if I was of any use as His child.

“Let this matter be settled once and for all. Know that nothing and no one, including you, can sabotage your salvation.”

Beth Moore

What I discovered when I drew close to Him again was a fresh outpouring of love…  with no “I knew this would happen,” or “I warned you” in sight.  Just a tight embrace, an invigorating burst of energy, and words of encouragement to patch up my wounds, calm my distress, and heal my hurting heart.

Friend, drawing close to God is not about what we actually bring…although He loves it when we bring Him praise, show our thanks and let Him know how we are doing or what’s on our mind.  It’s actually about what He imparts to us when we come. Holy Spirit activates within us to heighten our senses in His presence, Jesus covers our flaws, failures and wrongs with His blood, while Abba Father wraps His arms of comfort about us as together, God restores and confirms who I am again.

I am His.

  • Apple of His eye
  • Beloved
  • Chosen
  • Daughter of the Most High
  • Exceptionally handcrafted
  • Forever forgiven
  • God’s delight

What words of restoration and purpose is He speaking to you right now, friend?  Take it from one who learns things the hard way most of the time when it comes to identity. How He sees you matter most, always!


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