This past week was spent doing lots of refreshing.

Not only did I get a bit of a refreshing (thanks to my hair dresser!)… but also….

✍️Refreshing my focus for writing.

📱Refreshing my focus on work.

🖥️Refreshing the focus of my website.

Like many of you, I have had some extra time on my hands, which would usually have been filled with travel back forth to work, or physical meetings (like small groups, worship team rehearsals…)

As a result, I started spending some of that time reflecting on the life I had before Covid-19 hit, and the life I now have the opportunity to reshape as a result.

I made some changes in how I work and how I write, both of which causing me to make some changes to my website.

So welcome to my refreshed website. Please take a peek at the new crisp and clean look, the new page layouts, and a few new features.

(Not only did I have to refresh my website, but I also had to refresh some of my techy skills to do so!)

My ‘brand’ (also known as my logo) has been refreshed to coincide with these changes, and better reflects who I am as a person, a daughter of the King, a gal who loves to share Hope as well as offer a helping hand. And if coffee is involved, even better!

My new logo/brand

I hope you will take a few minutes to visit me here at karlalees.com, and let me know how you like the site now. As more of us are on our cellphones or tablets than ever before, you will find my site now fits your device perfectly!

May you too spend some time refreshing your life with His help, friend, and discover some maybe unexpected but amazing things about yourself as you do!

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