an honest prayer from in the storm

When the waves rise about me during a particularly fierce storm, I often look down to make sure my feet aren’t going to slip, instead of trying to ensure my head stays above water.
In those moments, I need to be more concerned about breathing than where I am headed.
🌿Breathe out my worry, breathe in Your Presence.
🌿Breathe out my need, breathe in Your Provision.
🌿Breathe out my fear, breathe in Your Love.
Breath of Heaven, would You hold me together and pour over me Your patience as I wait out this storm? Release Your living giving breath within me, that I would let go of all striving and begin to thrive in the place You have for me to grow in and minister from as I walk in Your Kingdom here on earth?
No matter the storm, I will keep my eyes fixed on You, Water Creator, Wave Tamer and Way Maker.
Call me to step out to where You will meet me, into the new freedom waiting beyond, on the other side of this storm.

#honestprayer #sharingHope #hopefortheharddays

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