freedom in progress

I recently finished a course by Jason Vallotton where he laid out several things to be doing as part of your emotional health.
I was struck by the ‘have fun.’ You see, I have felt guilty for years when taking a breather to laugh, or take myself out for coffee.
Jason explained that after we have done the work processing a painful memory, we need to eat well, sleep well, exercise and have fun, and to do that over and over again until we feel ready to tackle another painful memory.
Emotional health requires some work, but is so worth it. During the course time this week, I have been set freed in two new ways, and am now able to clearly see that self care is more important to my daily living than I had realized.
So here is to chewing crazy colored gum for the fun of it. That ice cream or coffee date.  To another episode or movie which makes you laugh and giggle like a young teen. Without guilt or shame, for laughter is part of my recovery strategy after a hard day!
#sharingHope #schoolofemotionalhealth

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