and let it begin with me

“AND LET IT BEGIN WITH ME.” That echoes within me anew as I write this morning.

Something had to shift for me to be able to understand the simplicity and mind-blowing truth to those six words.

  • AND – no matter what comes before it, the words following are joined to it.
  • LET – whether allow, give permission, or a prayer, this word is a declaration of intent.
  • IT – where I make my stand, right here.
  • BEGIN – the shift I am about to make right now starts with this word.
  • WITH – I am going to partner and align alongside this change, for it requires a partner to be implemented.
  • ME – my decision is the only way this action will take root. If I choose to shift the atmosphere within me.

Friend, I know first hand that days can be filled with loss, whether its hard, painful, loneliness, stress or grief. But I also know that it is our choice whether or not we partner with the negative emotions that can arise within us.

During one of the most painful situations I have ever experienced, I hit rock bottom emotionally. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. I cried out to God and asked Him what my part was going to be as He helped me through. He lovingly spoke that any change that was going to happen was going to have to start with me. Even though I didn’t cause the situation, I was a part of it, and God wanted me to do the part He had for me in order for me to come through it stronger than I was when the situation hit.

He left it up to me to decide. Flight, or fight. To run from the pain, or to walk with Him step by step through it. Not knowing when or how I would come out of it.

I chose the harder road, when I sat down to look at it from both my options. Because it would have been easier to hide away my feelings, wash my hands of the situation and move on.

I can honestly tell you this situation changed me for the better, even though the enemy’s intent was to try to take me out with it. God never stops moving when we invite Him in, yet He works best through willing vessels, who pray those six words when the storm swirls about them.

And somehow, miraculously, when we utter those words, then He joins in: Let it begin with Me!

#sharingHope #hopefortheharddays

2 thoughts on “and let it begin with me”

  1. I was trying to post a comment on ‘and let it begin with me’ but don’t have an account with word press… Anyways, here is what I said:
    This means a lot to me now when I feel close to loosing my mind from grief sadness fear rejection and lostness So glad for your posts and writings I am, again, not consistent but I can always find your help when I need it most —— thank you so much Karla and God Bless you, Jane THANK YOU KARLA for letting me belong !!! Sent from my iPhone

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