🎶“You are no stranger to the scar, so You can have my wounded heart.You weren’t protected from the pain, so You can hold me when I break.”

When I first heard these words in this new song by Natalie Grant, a dam of tears broke through and a new peace began to replace them as I continued to listen…

🎶“You seek me out and find me here with love that knows the taste of tears. So I will trust in who You are – You’re no stranger, no stranger to the scar.”

Jesus knows pain – emotional, spiritual, mental,  physical- first hand.  He was mocked for His background, ridiculed for His views, adored for a season then cast aside by the masses, not rejected by the very people He came to save but flogged/whipped, chained, dragged about on public display designed to humiliate Him. He was nailed to a cross, jeered and spit at, receiving insults as He carried the weight of other people’s sin’s, having been betrayed by one of His tribe. When He rose again, He bore the scars – on His hands, on His feet, on His side – from the crucifixion…

All so that you and I, friend? We could know that Jesus was no stranger to the type of scars we too carry with us. Jesus gets where we are coming from, for He too has been there. He can no only relate, He can get us through to the other side – healed, whole.

🎶“You are no stranger to the storm, You have calmed these winds before. Your voice still whispers, “Peace, be still” and the waves still do Your will.

🎶So I won’t fear the rising tide, the tempest roars and You arrive. I’ll walk on these angry seas, for You’re no stranger, Lord, to me.”

Jesus experienced peace in the storm, and passed on that peace to those trembling with fear in the very same boat as Him with 3 words containing the same power today as they always have, but especially in the storm.

We can be reassured He will come, He knows how we are feeling, and He will come to our aid in each and every way we need Him to as we trust and follow Him.

For He is no stranger to any of what we are going through, friend.


Matthew 8:23-27, Mark 4:34-41, Luke 8:22-25


“No Stranger” by @nataliegrant


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