at Your whisper

“🎶Over all the noise let me hear Your voice. Come and silence every lie inside my head. Would You fill the void with the loudest joy until the sound of heaven echoes in my chest?”🎵

It has been a whirlwind of ups & downs for me over the past several days. I have been actively tuning in to His voice and following His prompting. I have had easy victories and hard fought battle moments, while simultaneously feeling physically exhausted yet inwardly at rest.

🎵“The moment that You speak, the moment that You breathe? It changes everything. At Your whisper my freedom in the sound. My heart will know the power of mountains moved in me at Your whisper, at Your whisper.”🎶⠀

The sound of Your voice displaces lies with Truth as You release heaven within, reigniting hope despite my weariness. You don’t need to yell, for the mere sound of Your whisper can usher in stars, release the rain, calm the storms, bring new life, set captives free and speak love!

🎶“To the growing fear, to the deepest doubt – oh, there’s a Promise loud enough to drown them out, yes! Like a melody, every note is peace and I’m lost inside the beauty of the sound!”🎵

Your Words are true, and as such, are filled with Promise and power. Fear cannot stay when it encounters Your love, and doubts ebb away as You speak Peace to us!

🎵“Cause if You say it, I’ll believe it, long before I ever see it. If You say it, I’ll believe that it is true. I’ll believe You, God.”🎶

God, give us the kind of faith that can take You at Your Word, and believe You, long before we see it!!

“At Your Whisper” by Meredith Andrews & The Belonging Co


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