come and be…

🎶Come and be, wash over me. Open my heart to You alone. When I am weak, You meet my need, finish the work You started here.🎵⠀
God, You invite me to come and be in Your Presence. Would You shine brighter, speaker louder and show Yourself stronger as I come to You today?⠀⠀

🎶I lift my life to You now, I’ll raise my voice to sing Your praise. I will follow Your commands.🎵
God, as You meet me here I give you all of me once again in this praise offering, as I choose to go where You are leading me. Whether that is a physical location, a required shift of my character within or working on a relationship.⠀

🎶Find me here, calm my fear, strengthening hope inside my heart. Teach me Lord, to know Your Word – let it be alive in me, alive in me!🎵
As I come to You, God, I bring my fear and weakness. Crowd out my fear with Your love, as You reassure my heart that You are with me, for me and empowering me. May I never forget that You are the living Word, alive in me, and that time spent with You is my source of strength.

“Come back to Me! By returning and resting in Me you will be saved. In quietness and trust you will be made strong.”

(Isaiah 30:15 TPT)

Song lyrics “COME AND BE” by Matt Brouwer⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

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