growing pains

I love to sit on my front porch, and relax in my little patio chair beside my front garden.

Two of my best friends, and my daughter are all gardeners, and I have come to appreciate the rhythm of seeds & bulbs,  planting and pruning, weeding & fluffing.

But each fall, right before winter, my garden grows dormant, waiting for spring, warmer weather and the internal clock of the bulbs to awaken again.

I was reminded this morning that there is only one sure thing – day in day out, night after night, lasting forever – God’s Word. For it is a living part of who He is, eternally energized.

And on those days when the blooms begin to fade, the weeds need attention and the soil needs to be overturned again in my internal garden? Knowing God’s Word stands strong, and is a sure foundation anchors me.

“But even though grass withers and the flower fades, the word of our God stands strong forever!”

(Isaiah 40:8)


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