strong enough in His strength


“Go with the strength you have…. I am sending you.” (Judges 6:14)

God… I don’t honestly feel sent  most days, nor strong enough for even half the tasks in front of me. (There, I’ve said it, but You knew it anyways!)

When I read verses like this one, I find myself uplifted and encouraged by the two facts this reveals to me.

1. My strength is enough, because it’s my obedience that is the real issue, and His strength is more than enough to compensate for my weakness.

2. He is in the business of sending willing people where He needs them most. One believer in a situation or location can shift the atmosphere by inviting Him there.

So today friend? Let’s go. Using what we naturally have & asking for what we supernaturally need as we follow where He leads! For we are not sent away, but He goes with us wherever we go!


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