What ifs vs what is

When I get stressed out, especially in an uncomfortable atmosphere, I tend to immediately run through the “what ifs.”

Maybe you can relate.

God has been teaching me that I can bring absolutely anything to Him, and He has been amazing me when I do so.

A recent situation would have normally had me clenching my teeth for hours, muttering under my breath &  uncomfy with an upset stomach. This time, I invited God into how I felt about it, kept my cool in my response, and let it go much quicker than even I expected.

When I do things His way, the “what ifs” never come to pass in the light of His Presence.

Who He is always comes through His guidance.

My best from the One who loves me the best.

So when I head to bed tonight, I can rest in knowing He goes before, behind, above, below and all around me, all the time. That’s what is!


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