{from under Your wings I can fly}

I have had a fascination with birds since I was young.

I think it began when as a pre-teen, I read a book that explained how penguin chicks each have a unique song they sing which helps them find their parents if they get lost.

Singing from the shadow of my Abba’s wings to me is my safe place. (Psalm 91:1)

Doesn’t matter what is going on in my life or the world, when I worship, it becomes about me looking only at God and singing my heart out for Him.

That is my place of shelter, where I am the most me.

Singing from under my safe and loving Abba’s arms, I am able to stretch out my wings and soar where He guides me, as I become the bird He carries and keeps close in His hands!


1 thought on “{from under Your wings I can fly}”

  1. Thank you for not dropping me – not sure I am still included on the FB part. I have had much sickness in clouding food poisoning and a small stroke that put me in hospital for a couple days. Now I am fighting something bladder and bowel. Getting better! God has blessed me a lot even though I still have fears and focus on world to much. Thank you again and I pray in Jesus name all is well for you. Jane

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