fighting the autumn blues

Each year when autumn arrives, and the sun shows less of itself, I begin to battle the blues.  Not a serious fight, yet one where I need to intentionally fight to hold onto my Hope. Coz some days seem to be back to back to back Mondays.

But what I have been discovering? God seems to shine all the brighter as I seek Him in the dimness of these kind of seasons.

📖His Word reveals His glory.

🙌Worshiping Him heightens how I sense His Presence.

🚶‍♀️Walking with Him brings an awareness of His moving in, through and around my life which I don’t think I could have learned had I not experienced it.

This week, I received a lovely message encouraging me to keep writing.  

For His Words through His kids are meant to bless, encourage and reveal Him to those who haven’t yet made it Home, who need an anchoring Hope, a Hand to draw them close to His loving Heart. Even when life seems a bit darker than usual.

For my God? He will never fail to be found by those who passionately pursue Him!

If you too battle the blues, struggle with self-worth or loneliness…

📍There is no need to hide how you are feeling. You are allowed to feel your emotions. Just remember not all emotions are based on truth, and are not all worth acting upon.

📍Know that you are not alone. There are people around you waiting to support you. 

📍There is no shame in needing a helping hand, counseling or medication during a harder season. Wise people know their limits, and allow others to assist when its needed.

📍There will never ever be another you, for you are one of a kind, made on purpose for a purpose by your Creator.

📍There is a God who is waiting to meet you right where you are at. Always.

📍There is a Light waiting to guide you through the darkness as you walk with Him.


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