the day after a restless night

A restless night has left me feeling a little off this morning. That doesn’t happen very often, but when it does? I need to do what works best for me in this moment.

1. Worship and pray. Bringing things to God’s attention helps me to feel better, and feel heard.

2. Coffee. Tea doesn’t seem to help perk me up like coffee does, so a cup of Java becomes next on my to do list.

3. Rest more, stress less. I have learned to reprioritize my day to reduce strain, fit in a nap if I can, and give my body time to recover. Get what I have to done, and leave the rest.

4. Trust that as I do all I can in the natural, God will move in the supernatural to help me get through the day in His strength.

I become a healthier me when I listen to His leading, especially on the harder days.

What do you do to make your day work best for yourself?

#becomingyou #sharingHope

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