looking back and ahead

Looking back at a full week while longing for outdoor physical spaces (like the @unsplash one pictured here) to just sit and be.

My continued struggle for inner quiet & calm has me taking a close look at what is to stay in my rearview mirror, what should be modified, and what needs to be made welcome in my life at this time.

There is freedom found in His Presence. In the quiet moments spent at His feet, listening for His voice. The freedom to say yes to what He has called me to, and the freedom to say no to that which no longer fits.

2020 has indeed brought a change in vision to me. And although it has been painful at times, intentionally shaping my life is worth doing, and worth doing well.

What are you leaving behind this season? What are you looking to reconfigure? What are you excited to be adding into your life?

Time to reflect is so worth it, friend. This weekend, make some space to connect with what you really feel, to pray and invite God to speak fresh life and renewed purpose to you.

#prayHer #sharingHope

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