taking a closer look at the Word, joy, and me

These past few days have been spent taking a closer look at the Word, joy and myself.

When I look to the Word first, I find myself less stressed, faster to forgive and let go, and have a better grasp on who I am, what I am to do today, and what I can do to make a difference today. Knowing I have purpose sparks my heart with joy.

It might seem like just a smile, a kind word, a listening ear or offering a helping hand – but it can bring great joy to the one you offer it to!

What I have been realizing is that joy is like maple syrup. Once you start pouring it out, it gets into all the nooks and crannies and makes everything better!  Joy, like maple syrup, is designed to be externally shared as well as internally experienced…for somehow through the sharing,  the joy becomes all the greater!

One way in which I am experiencing more joy is through prayer. The free Lectio 365 app (via @247prayer) and @infinitum.life app are both encouraging me to pray from the heart of late.

The graphic below is a screenshot from the Lectio 365 app, and is one of my favorite prayers right now.

Knowing He hears each word I pray brings me great joy, as much as my reading and listening for His Words must bring joy to Him!

#takingacloserlook #prayHer #sharingHope

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