seasons change

I posted last night that I am making more time to sort through how I feel, what I am doing and where I am headed.

Like most of you, this season has been one chock full of change. Social distancing, masks, loneliness, changes at job, changes in physical and mental health have all combined to make this the most stressful and reflective year yet.

One of the things I am doing is filtering what I do through my ‘why’.

Some of my work isn’t work that I will be continuing to do, so I am either modifying it or making room for someone else to step into my role. It has been a painful yet freeing process to go through as I have been prayerful approaching these questions.

One of the decisions I made is to take a sabbatical. In part to reduce my stress, in part to have more time to reflect, and for intentional recharging.

Most people won’t even notice this change in my life, and that’s okay. It is more important to me to be true to what I am feeling called to than to worry about public reception of my choices.  Those I have been connecting with to inform of my sabbatical have been very understanding & supportive, for which I am so grateful.

Honestly, more down time with less waiting to fill it sounds lovely, and just what I am needing right now.

Focusing on my inner health is my gift to myself as we head towards Christmas season.

#sharingHope #takecareofyourself

2 thoughts on “seasons change”

  1. Hi, Does that mean you are going to be gone and not posting or emailing. Sorry if I sound dumb and I am glad you are caring for your self. I just don’t get what this means and am sorry to be weird. Thank you for everything you do for all of us and especially how you have helped me. Love in Jesus, Jane Craig

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    1. Sorry for the late delay to you post, Jane. Nope, just means I am reprioritizing my time so I can best spend it where He is calling me to. Writing and small groups will be a go! 💘


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