prayer – just do it!

I don’t always remember these five words when the rise of emotion temporarily shuts off my thought function… But when I do, I find I am better able to make it through the day, whatever it holds.

Whether out loud, in my head, through song or journalling, by myself or with others. Short & sweet can add up when you keep the prayer line going!

All the time.


There is nothing we can’t bring to God in prayer. I draw comfort from two things each time I pray…

1. He knows my prayer before I pray it, but loves me so much He invites me to bring each one to Him.

2. He is always with me, yet somehow each prayer invites Him to move in and through me in a supernatural way which releases peace, renewed purpose and a sense of His Presence.

Friend, be kind to yourself about prayer. You may not be the most articulate or artistic in your expressions – but God doesn’t care about that. He cares about connection.

Like Nike says, and God hopes, just do it! 🙏

#sharingHope #prayHer

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