When your heart is heavy this Christmas

Christmas became a hard season for me with the unexpected loss of my hubby’s sister a few years ago, following losing his father, then my grandparents, and more recently his mother.

I wasn’t expecting any of their losses.

I have noticed that we talk a lot about the cheer, the bright and the merry of the Christmas season but not about how to keep our eyes fixed on the Light when we feel full of woe, heaviness or weariness.

I get how hard the year of firsts, seconds and thirds can be when we face a new “normal.” I read somewhere the first three years after a major loss are necessary to grieve through when love has been lost.

This is the first year I have beheld the wonder of His Presence at Christmas again far outweighs the loss of the loved ones I still miss.

God gets it too. He purposefully gave up His Beloved Son so we could know just how much He loves us.

Nothing that happens to you, seen and unseen, goes unnoticed by God. Your lows as much as your highs catch His eyes, and turn His heart towards you, friend.

You too may be struck with sudden unexpected loss. A loved one having passed away, the loss of your marriage or pregnancy, a loss of job this season, the loss of gathering with loved ones due to Covid. I get it, and I hurt along side you.

Just as He does.

May I remind you He loves you dearly?

My prayer for you is for Him to draw close to you as only He can right in the middle of your grief. He specializes in arriving in the messy, hard times – just as He did so many years ago in the tumultuous times of Roman occupied Israel.

Nothing’s wasted in His Kingdom. Ever.

There is a purpose greater than you may be able to sense right now. Lean in, trust Him to hold on tight and let Him carry you through.

He’s got you covered with His love, and will never let you go.

Each and every tear you shed in your private grief? He bottles like a precious wine.

For everything, absolutely everything, that matters to you matters to Him. Always.

#sharingHope #Advent #grievingthroughChristmas

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