Let there be Light

I have always loved light, but it’s never more appreciated than when I am in the dark.

Maybe you too can relate. Are you feeling like this season of pandemic upheaval is making your holidays appear less bright than usual? Are you feeling blue with the time change and the fact it is now dark before supper? Are you feeling like a sardine living & working close to others all the time now that you are in lock down again?

One of the lines which I love most in the Bible occurred in Genesis…

“Let there be light.”

And the light entered the world, and has blessed us all with sunshine, moonlight & the twinkling of stars ever since.

At the end of the Old Testament, there were 400 years of silence where it appeared God was nowhere to be found. A dark period for His people.

And then a great light appeared in the heavens to announce to the world that a King unlike any other was about to be born.

Talking about Light ūüí° again tomorrow, stay tuned.


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