Light – the Star of Bethlehem

The brightest star in the night sky leading up to Jesus’s birth was the Star of Bethlehem, as it is now referred to. It showed up as an announcement in the skies to Herald the arrival of a new King.

And the people the Bible noted whose attention it caught? “Wise” men from a far off land.

What strikes me the most about this part of the Christmas story is how they would have put tons of effort into understanding what the star meant, and then the preparations to follow the star to its resting place, ultimately over Bethlehem. They would have used every tool at their disposal to discover its meaning, but it only took one to become curious to start along this path.

It only does take a spark to get a fire started, and the same goes for following the Light when it catches your eye, and heart.

We are fortunate to be on the other side of this story, and know how it ends. But imagine the excitement of the wise men as they began their journey to find the newborn King.

May that thrill of hope stir within each of us as we continue our journey to Christmas this season.


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