2021 loading…

2021 has arrived and most of us won’t have any noticeable change in our lives for a day or two.

And that’s okay.

Looking back on 2020 has reminded me how hindsight can see more clearly than looking at the same situation while smack in the middle of it.

2020 was a steep learning curve for me.

🐾Relationship over work.
🐾Refocus when stressed.
🐾Return to the basics.
🐾Relax over the little things.
🐾Rest in His Promises, even when I can’t yet see their fruit.

Which all combined to reveal my focus, my 🐾one word🐾 for 2021, which I will be sharing here next Monday. Grab a ☕ & join me!

#lookingback #movingforward

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