When we went into lockdown last spring, I  ended up working full time out of my home, becoming more adept at ever at multitasking. As that transitioned into returning to full time work onsite and working part time from home, I realized that something was going to have to change, and it needed to begin with me.  My mind was constantly on the go, I wasn’t sleeping very well, and I felt like I was constantly being pulled in several directions.

Then God lovingly reminded me that He was with me. Present in every moment I was in, every situation I was facing, every move as I made it. Present to help me navigate my steps, make my choices, filter my feelings.

I wondered anew this Advent as I accepted this gift of presence, and how it began to calm me from within.

The greatest gift I can give myself this year is to be fully PRESENT in every moment.

🎁To be fully engaged where I am, at home, at work, in conversation.

🎁To put the boundaries into place so that I can remain in the main role, responsibility and relationship I need to be in at the time.

🎁To schedule in work, and then unplug when I am with my family.

🎁To give myself permission to be present in my emotions, without shame.

🎁To say no without explanation when I need to.

🎁To listen to the One always present with me, and join Him where He wants me to partner with Him.

🎁To give myself the gift of being fully present in my life, and the gift of being fully present in my relationships.

This year, my one word is PRESENT. I am so grateful that I am not alone as I integrate this word into every area of my life in 2021.

What is your focus, your one word this year? Would love to lift yours up in prayer & invite God to help you make it real in your life, friend.

#sharingHope #planoly

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