My 3 Rs of being present right now

This was going to be tomorrow morning’s early bird post, however I have decided to post it a bit earlier, so I can catch the night hawks as well!

Part of being more present in my life is learning how to remain present during the unexpected.

Last Thursday night, my right leg slipped as I stepped into my shower. Something I have done for years without an incident. My right leg did a full split on a diagonal as my left shin stopped my fall quite abruptly on the side of the tub. Apart from my loud scream of a prayer and the resulting immediate swelling on my shin, I thought that was it.

Saturday evening I began to have difficulty getting comfortable when sleeping. And this time it was not the snoring of cat or man which was disturbing my sleep.

Last night, my left side of my neck and my left lower back grew stiffer and stiffer as they presented themselves to grab my attention.

And tonight my physio confirmed that I have whiplash, not like I have ever had before, and swelling in my neck & back.

So my job tomorrow is to be present in my discomfort. To rest, relax and recharge as I give my body the time I needs to recoup from what was a 3 second incident which has decided to continue reminding me of its presence in my muscles.

Having most of tomorrow off work is a present I plan to unwrap slowly, and savor. The present only I can give to myself right now, being kind to myself as I let my body rest & recover.

Apart from the sore muscles, I feel great. Albeit a bit more in need of sleep than usual, but it made it easier to cheer on 🇨🇦 #WorldJuniors, so bonus present to myself!

Thankful for the reminder that God is present with me to calm and restore me in every way I might need it right now, known and unknown.

Sharing this graphic below as a free screensaver if you too need to reminder to present yourself with rest & relaxation right now too!

#sharingHope #livepresent

Made by me via Canva

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